Epiphany marks the beginning of the period between Jan 6th and Lent.  Journey with Jesus in the early period of his ministry and be like those who were the first to follow Him...

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Welcome to
First Baptist Church            210 Mary Street (at the corner of Moffat St.)Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

As a member church of Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, we are a welcoming family of believers, committed to discovering what God reveals through His Word for our lives.  As such, we meet together to encourage one another in faith, to teach our children to love God and know His Word and to pray for our community and the wider world.

We look forward to you joining us so, please browse our website to get a feel for who we are or, better yet, contact us by phone, mail, or email our Pastor.

May you see God’s blessing in your life today and we pray we will see you this coming Sunday...


10:30 am Sunday; the Lord's Supper is celebrated the first Sunday each month.
Sunday School & Nursery Available


To be a thriving congregation, growing in spirit, preserving tradition and raising a new generation to faithfully worship God.


We will worship God, care for and create community among youth, families and seniors, and live Christ's mission and purpose in Pembroke.