What We Believe

Core Values

Genuine Worship

We look upward, worshiping our Father and Creator with thankful hearts. We gather faithfully to acknowledge that God is greater than we are. We submit to scripture and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Spirit-filled Prayer

We look inward, caring for our spiritual selves. We rest. We pay attention to our own needs and the needs of our families’. We raise children who know they are loved, nurturing faith within them. We pray, softening our hearts and becoming aware of God’s presence. We find freedom in the knowledge that we are loved by God.

Christ-Centered Living

We look outward, sent into the world by God on a mission to care for others by following the example of Jesus Christ. We care for our world, our country and our community, recognizing our responsibility to be biblical, ethical, moral and principled in our actions and attitude. We live in harmony with others, open and welcoming to all because we are all created equal.

Vision Statement

To be a thriving congregation, growing in spirit, preserving tradition, and raising a new generation to faithfully worship God.

Mission Statement

We will worship God, care for and create community among youth, families and seniors, and live Christ’s mission and purpose in Pembroke.

Statement of Faith

We believe in and worship the one true and living God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

He is the almighty Creator and Sustainer of all things; the Ruler of all history; the 

Holy One; the just Judge of all men, the merciful Redeemer and the God and Father of 

our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that He has spoken and that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments 

are His Word to humankind. They reveal all that we are to believe concerning Him, 

His character and His purposes. They are the only rule of faith and practice and we 

seek to submit our minds to their truth and our lives to their commands.

We believe that all men and women are sinners and under the wrath of God and that 

apart from His eternally ordained plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, His Son, we 

would remain forever apart from God.

We believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, who is the Son of God; He is fully 

God and fully human; He was born of the Virgin Mary and He lived a life of perfect 

obedience to the Father. We believe that He bore in His own sinless body the 

punishment we deserve. His substitutionary death on the cross and His bodily 

resurrection from the dead have made reconciliation with God possible. By His death 

He has revealed divine love, upheld divine justice and removed our guilt.

We desire the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, leading us to repentance and faith 

in Jesus Christ. We rely upon the presence and fullness of the Holy Spirit to guide us 

in our understanding of the Word of God and in the application of its truth for our 

lives. We acknowledge that it is the Holy Spirit who convicts us in matters of sin and 

righteousness, produces within us the fruit of the Spirit and empowers us with His 

gifts for service and ministry.

We acknowledge the presence of evil in the world and of Satan, the enemy of God 

and the father of evil who is described by Jesus as being the prince of this world. Evil 

will always be active until the end of this age when Christ returns and brings about its 

final destruction. We believe Satan tempts us and seeks to keep us from the truth and 

from our commitment to God. We rejoice that Christ has overcome Satan and broken 

the power of evil in our world

We commit ourselves to the path of discipleship taught and exemplified through the 

life and ministry of our Lord. In doing so, we commit ourselves to make known the 

gospel of Jesus Christ to others, to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and 

to walking a path of service to all who are in need.

We dedicate ourselves to the body of Christ, the Church, to instruct, comfort, 

admonish, encourage and to provide for one another so that God may be glorified and 

His love made known through our love for one another; to stand with a prophetic 

voice in this world proclaiming the truth of the gospel and substantiating its claims by 

exhibiting Christian community. In proclaiming the good news of the gospel and in 

striving to relieve human distress and social injustice, the Church sets forth God's 

glory and purposes in this world.

We commit ourselves to diligent use of the means of grace that is, worship, the 

reading of the scriptures, attendance upon their exposition, prayer and the ordinances 

of believer's baptism and the Lord's supper.

We commit ourselves to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us, using our 

time, abilities and resources for the benefit of God's work in our church and our 


We make this confession confident that Christ will return again to this world to judge 

humankind and to establish His kingdom. Those, who by His mercy, have been 

saved will enter into the presence of God for eternity but those who reject Christ will 

be eternally separated from God.