Christian Education

Small Group Bible Study

  1. Church Revival. We will resume our studies on "Church Revival" Part 2 starting in September 2021. Part 1 sessions were covered in Jun 2021.

PART 1 - Christianity and the world

a. Study 1 - Is Christianity essential to a society?

b. Study 2 - How to view Authorities and the Gathering of Believers?

PART 2 – How to prevent a local church from dying?

c. Study 3Responsibilities!

Worship through Songs

Music Ministry

We have a number of musicians within our congregation who regularly share their talents with us. If you would like the opportunity to express your faith through song, please contact Luella.


Our choir meets to practice and perform primarily for special events in the Church Year, such as Easter and Christmas. Interested in getting your vocal chords some exercise? Please join us and see Luella for details on when we will next be meeting.

FBCP Ladies Group - 13 July 2021

Our ladies meet to encourage each others, support our mission organizations and our ministry here at First Baptist. The ladies group supports events such as our church fellowships, meetings and funerals, by providing and serving food.

As a group of women, we typically meet once a month at the church building.

Tuesday July 13th was the first meeting in 2021 since the start of COVID-19 restrictions in 2020. The meeting opened with a short devotion, including a fun game of Jeopardy, followed by a celebration of birthdays and anniversaries. It concluded with some “catching up” over delicious cupcakes and lemonade.

Overall, we encourage each other to be Godly women as mentioned in Titus 2:2-5.

We would be glad to have you join the group. Contact the coordinator, Luella Heidemen.

The peace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you...